Destiny Undone – Book 1: A Billionaire Beach Romance

| June 5, 2019


Do opposites really attract?

Some say I’m the most eligible bachelor in Destiny Beach.
Maybe I am?
Sure, I’m rich and respected, but that’s a lot to live up to in this small town.
And, after my last girlfriend left a bad taste in my mouth, I’ve sworn off women.
Until an infamous local diva lands an intern job at my marine park.

I’m her boss and mixing business with pleasure is a bad idea.
She’s hard to resist, but, we’re complete opposites.
I keep away from the Press, and out of the limelight.
She’s a wild child who always has her face in the paper.
And for all the wrong reasons.
We could never work.
So, why can’t I get her out of my head?

So, I’m a spoiled rich brat, and I don’t give a damn.
I just wanna party and have fun! What’s so wrong about that?
Getting my boobs snapped by the paparazzi wasn’t my smartest idea.
Daddy got all upset over my antics and made me take this stinkin’ job at Sea Lab.
Dolphins, fish, smells. Eeww, gross!
Though the boss is a welcome distraction.

He’s hot as hell, but I don’t think he’d go for a woman like me.
He’s way too reserved for that.
But I’d love to show him how fun life can be.
If only he’ll loosen up a bit.

Destiny Undone, Book 1 is an opposites attract steamy romance full of humor and family life
in the small Gulf town of Destiny Beach. It’s the first novel-length book in a trilogy to be read
in order and does end on a cliffhanger with a happy-ever-after at the end of Book 3!


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