Mayhem Takes a Dare (The Marisa Adair Mystery Adventures Book 2)

| June 5, 2019


Fantasy and reality clash when the members of an online group meet in person. Behind the glitter of the profiles, true identities entwine with deadly secrets.

“You can’t tell him.” Sarah’s pretty face hardens, the dimples fading like a whimsical daydream. Her fingers claw Marisa’s arm.

Marisa is furious. “I won’t let you get away with it. You’re trying to trick my friend into a relationship.” Her gaze rakes the bulky sweatshirt and boxy jeans camouflaging the lush figure. “You’re a stripper with a volatile boyfriend. You’re not a high school teacher looking for love.”

Later, Sarah dies in the middle of her exotic routine, stabbed to death by the brazen killer. Marisa and her devastated friend are among the suspects.

To solve the murder, Marisa joins forces with unlikely allies. Parvis, an attractive investigative reporter, will do anything for a story to shock his online followers. Handsome accountant Alex is accustomed to saving money and cutting expenses. Now he’s focused on helping Marisa save lives and cut off a desperate murderer. Clara, a retired lunch lady fearless to the point of foolhardiness, uses her own version of “slay-dar” to hunt the murderer.

Marisa’s feline friend leaps into the fray. Laithe is the part-Abyssinian cat who uses his wedge-shaped head and nose for trouble to force his furry way into Marisa’s investigations.

In the past, Marisa lived a reckless double life. She was a conservative administrator by day. After hours, she partied the nights away in a notorious club. Now she finds herself back in shadowy, forbidden places as she and her friends track down a killer. The twisted trail to the murderer leads to explosive, decades-old secrets, including a vigilante-style killing.

Marisa and her friends follow the clues to a twisted killer. Can she solve the mystery before her online account is deleted . . . permanently?

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