The Boys We Knew (The Secret of Their Midnight Tears Book 2)

| June 6, 2019


As 1943 dawns, the citizens of Marsh Point are contributing what they can to help America defeat the Axis Powers. Elizabeth Bittner is the town’s telegrapher, an important job, which has also made her the bearer of terrible news to some of the town’s families. Her closest friend, Veronica Marsh is helping her father manage a group of young Victory Farm Volunteers. The two girls contribute to the war effort by organizing War Bond drives and contributing to the scrap drives and writing letters to Veronica’s brother, Buck, and their friend, Johnny, who are in the Pacific. Elizabeth is also writing to Jimmy, a soldier in the 4th Infantry Division. Ever concerned for the welfare of “their boys,” Elizabeth and Veronica are anxious for their return, but as the girls become conscious of how the war is changing them, they begin to wonder: Will the boys who come home to us—if they do come home—be the boys we knew?


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