Firestorm Comics: LoneRider: Galaxy Frontier #1

| June 6, 2019


Firestorm Comics: LoneRider: Galaxy Frontier #1 – In the year 2357, on the planet of New Kansas, Jim Larrimore and his family a brutally slaughtered by a local land tyrant that wants their ranch because of a rare ore that is used as fuel crystals. Jim, while barely hanging on to life, recovers and survives the assault and becomes the masked vigilante of justice…The LoneRider.

This intense action-packed comic opens with the story hitting the ground running from the first page, right down to the last. It will bring you into the unique world and journey along with the characters, only to drop you off at the end of the ride full of excitement and begging for more.

This very rich story, represented within a western comic book, holds layers of outstanding elements of steam-punk, cyber-punk and futuristic sci-fi and space adventure…while still applying a great new edge for making a great superhero comic. Written and Illustrated by Firestorm Comics’ own Brad Linder, he was assisted by JL Zipactli for finishing pencil chores, over Brad’s astonishing layouts. Be sure to grab your copy and keep up with this new ongoing series, as well as Firestorm Comics: Origins, the ground-breaking story that tells the event that created the Firestorm Comics Universe, just as the name implies.


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