XENO TRANSPLANT: The Throne of the Red Jaguar

| June 7, 2019


An RN working in a large New England University Medical Center in the Dialysis and Renal Transplant department is concerned with a series of events surrounding the newly hired Transplant Nephrologist. Coupled with an ongoing research project in the animal science lab involving genetically engineered pigs utilizing CRISPR Cas9 she begins to see clues that her transplant patients are being unwittingly used as test subjects. Her coworkers dismiss her suspicions as conspiracy theory fueled by stress due to a horrific personal loss. Nonetheless, her stoic Scandinavian drive will not let her quit until the truth is found. A recent Mayan archeological dig weaves into the story sending her investigation into the jungles of the Yucatan. Her pursuit will put her at gun point, thrown into a Mexican jail and interrogated by the Federal Police before uncovering answers that will leave her questioning her own sanity – answers that will require her to suspend her belief in medical science fact and accept science fiction with global implications.


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