The Italian Deception

| June 7, 2019


Suspended FBI agent Paul Taylor has two weeks until his trial. He’ll have to prove he didn’t kill his partner or steal $64 million in diamonds, and that a traitor within the FBI framed him. But there are three huge obstacles: he doesn’t remember the last 48 hours of his undercover mission against the Ndrangheta mafia; there’s no proof a traitor exists; and he’s not entirely sure he didn’t commit those crimes.

His best friend, FBI agent Shelly Evans, is the only one who believes him. After the FBI psychiatrists failed to help Paul, she convinces him that he needs a quiet place to repair his fragmented mind. She gets him a temporary teaching job at the private boarding school her daughter attends while she hunts for the traitor.

As Shelly and Paul race to solve their respective mysteries, the traitor uses lies, deceit, and murder to thwart them and hide his existence. Meanwhile, killers from the Ndrangheta hunt Paul. They’re determined to kill him and everyone he cares about in retribution for Paul killing a member of their family.

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