Darling Edith, Dearest Wayne

| November 11, 2013


Darling Edith, Dearest Wayne

After a four year courtship, Edith Edwards and Wayne Mackaman were married on November 15, 1941 in Des Moines, Iowa – about as far from the sea as Americans can be. Three weeks later came Pearl Harbor.

Wayne enlisted in the US Naval Reserve and began his training in the summer of 1942. Thus began the first of many painful separations. They kept their love, passion and friendship alive by writing – telling of their daily lives and deep yearning for one another.

Edith’s letters tell of the action on the home front and her love of Wayne. Wayne’s letters to Edith tell of his desperate need for her and bits and pieces of his new “work” as skipper of LCT 290 in N. Africa, Italy, England and France.

Wayne’s letters are augmented by excerpts from the “Personal Journal of Langan W. Swent”, fellow LCT officer in the Med whose journal tells the tale of action and ship life that Wayne could not. Censorship forbade any military detail and love of Edith prevented sharing the horrors of war – horrors she could only ease through her letters.

Read these letters, read the journal entries, see these photographs and be taken to another place and time – not so very long ago, yet a very different world.


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