A Dragon's Destiny

| June 8, 2019


What happens when the gods intervene? A wager of the god kind. One lone dragon shall determine the fate of all.

Dragons, curses, romance, and time travel meet in this fantastical series by USA Today bestselling author Tina Glasneck that readers are calling “The Ultimate Page Turner.”

Jasmine has always felt cursed. She’s a woman living in a man’s world, fearing she’d only find love in romance novels. But, her dreams show her a timeless love with the Dark Knight, a man who resembles her best friend’s brother, Erich.

Jaz is clueless about her dragon heritage and the events that happened almost five hundred years ago, when a wish at a well thrusts her through a portal to 1520 Thule.

In this new–old–world, Jaz faces new dangers: The Reformation is sweeping across Europe, and all magic is forbidden. Those believed to practice witchcraft suffer deadly consequences. The local intrigues, combined with religious persecution, are the perfect kindling for a war of her making. Danger and the threat of violence abound.

Enemies arise, and the Dark Knight she’s been dreaming of in her present might be the only one who can help her to survive this past place and find her way back home.

The problem? Mr. Hot, Dark and Ruthless is extinguishing anyone connected with Norse religion. Ahem, Jaz. The only way to stop his sword’s deadly swing is to help the Dark Knight fulfill his own destiny, even if it costs her dragon heart.

If she fails, the whole world will fall into chaos, the dragons destroyed, and the connection to the gods will be forever severed.

Don’t miss this fantasy romance for fans of Norse mythology, dragons, historical fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and time-travel.

Praise for Tina Glasneck’s Dragons novels!

“I was pulled into this story so fast, and so deeply, that I forgot I was reading.” – Mom2three

“I am quickly becoming a fan of this author and her fantastic series”– Judith

“As a fan of all things magical and mythological, this book blew me away! I’d give it 10 stars if I could!”– Angie

“History has always fascinated me even though it wasn’t my favorite subject. But with Tina’s books–yes, I know that this is fictional–history seems to come alive as nothing in the past did for me before.” – Megan M.

“It was a good read I really enjoyed the jostling from the present to the past, Jaz is a wonderful character who was on a rough road to find herself and then learn to accept and love herself for who she truly is.” – Elisa

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This series is best read in order.

Books in the Dragons Series include:

1. A Dragon’s Destiny
2. A Dragon’s Desire
3.A Dragon’s Heart
4. A Dragon’s Witch
5. A Dragon’s Queen

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