The Selfish Women’s Club’s not quite legal Christmas

| November 11, 2013


The Selfish Women's Club's not quite legal Christmas

It all seems perfectly innocent when five women who have spent their lives putting others first, following rules, and doing what’s expected of them form the Selfish Women’s Club. Their mission is simple. They will support and encouraged each other to indulge guilt free in whatever their hearts desire. From maids and chauffeurs, health spas and beauty treatments, fine wine and five-star restaurants, they spoil themselves rotten.

But with Christmas less than two weeks away, Lou, one of the club’s members, has an issue.

Her maid is in desperate need of help, and the twenty-dollar gift limit the Selfish Women’s Club has agreed on just won’t work. Lou points out that while everyone in the club has honed selfishness to an art, they still always follow rules. She proposes to steal her maid’s mail, a federal offense, to pay her maid’s debts. She points out that by committing a crime to take care of her maid’s bills she will be doing something other than what everyone expects her to do. This, she insists, furthers the club’s mission.

The other women are so taken with this idea that each one of them decides to break a law to give someone the perfect gift for Christmas. The crimes range from misdemeanors to felonies as each one of the Selfish Woman eagerly jump into the club’s new direction.

Mischief, high jinks, and adventure follow as they delight in their scofflaw undertakings.

The only question is…can they get away with it?


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