The Mountain Mother Cipher (Arkana Mysteries #2)

| November 11, 2013


The Mountain Mother Cipher (Arkana Mysteries #2)

THE ARKANA SERIES: Where Alternative History Meets Archaeology Adventure
Volume Two – The Mountain Mother Cipher “From Kindle Nation fave N.S. Wikarski, (The Granite Key) a new installment in The Arkana Series” – Kindle Nation Daily

Unlikely Relic Hunter 
College freshman Cassie Forsythe never set out to be a relic hunter. Her life unravels shortly after her sister is murdered while protecting a stone artifact called the Granite Key. Cassie learns that her sister belonged to a secret society called the Arkana. The girl allies herself with them and agrees to help recover the Granite Key in hopes of finding her sister’s killer. Cassie, along with bodyguard Erik and librarian Griffin, is sent to search Minoan ruins on the island of Crete. There they learn that the Granite Key points to five artifacts which have been hidden around the globe. Each artifact is a clue to the hiding place of a quasi-mythological relic called the Sage Stone. Learning this vital piece of information almost costs Cassie and Company their lives when they are attacked on Crete by operatives of a religious cult known as the Blessed Nephilim.

Avoiding The Enemy 
The Nephilim’s leader, Abraham Metcalf, will stop at nothing to acquire the Sage Stone because he believes its power will allow him to win a war of religious genocide. Although keeping the relic out of Metcalf’s hands is important, it is even more critical to keep him from finding the Arkana’s troves of archaeological treasure. This cache, which has taken centuries to amass, proves an alternative history of civilization predating the onset of patriarchy by thousands of years. Unfortunately, the pursuit of the Sage Stone puts the Nephilim and the Arkana on a collision course.

The Race For The Relic 
Cassie, Griffin and Erik race to Turkey in search of the first artifact hampered by their struggle to function as a team. Griffin frets about doing fieldwork, Cassie doubts her psychic abilities and Erik barely tolerates the other two. The treasure hunt leads them to ancient megaliths on the top of Mount Ida. Nephilim operatives pursue them from Crete to Turkey where a mountaintop confrontation may decide the fate of the world.

Disaster Strikes 
At the worst possible moment, the Arkana team discovers that the Nephilim aren’t their only competitors for the lost relic. Unforeseen obstacles and unknown enemies thwart their efforts to complete their mission and escape unharmed. This new crisis teaches Cassie where her real loyalties lie. Will the Arkana team succeed or will they fall into the hands of the Nephilim? The answer isn’t as simple as you might expect.


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