Magian High

| June 10, 2019


Every high school has its cliques–egg-heads, jocks … mages.

For generations, the school district divided students by mental, physical, and magical abilities, but Kincaid Riley, a senior at Magian High leads the charge for full desegregation. He knows that mixing everyone together is controversial, but they can all learn from each other, right?

Amity Griffin would have been valedictorian of Wiser High, the high school dedicated to the brightest of the bright, but instead she’s a newbie at Magian High, learning the ropes of magic management. She’s lost her status, and as far as she can tell, her academic future.

If Kincaid, Amity, and their classmates can’t overcome their differences, more than grades will suffer. The bullies don’t throw insults, they throw fireballs. Even some adults want the new system to fail, and they’re not above taking out a few kids to get their way.

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