Berkley Street Series Books 1 – 9

| June 10, 2019


Shane Ryan is returning to his hometown of Nashua, and the childhood memories that have haunted him throughout his adult life. The sinister demon lurking behind his family home threats to spill over and destroy all that he holds near and dear…spurring Shane on a journey that will challenge everything he knows about himself and the world.

This digital box set contains all of the nine thrilling supernatural novels in this best-selling series:

Berkley Street: Twenty years ago, Shane Ryan’s parents disappeared within the halls of their family home. Now, more relatives have vanished, leaving Shane as the prime suspect. But a childhood memory is stirring in his mind — of a long-forgotten encounter with the sinister monster that has always lurked just beyond the house.

The Lighthouse: Against the backdrop of a sunny island and blue skies, Shane is called upon to continue the job he’s best at — hunting malevolent spirits intent on murdering the living. The beautiful lighthouse watching over the island has given him a false sense of escape as he encounters the terrifying forces within.

The Town of Griswold: In search of a break from ghost hunting, Shane spends a day exploring a quaint New England town. Unfortunately, his plans are interrupted when he comes across the deadly ghost of the depraved Abel, who wreaks havoc on the community of Griswold.

Sanford Hospital: Shane Ryan is in Sanford Hospital for burn treatments. His recovery is thwarted when he crosses Nurse Ruth, who is as odious and dead as they come. Shane must get rid of her, and he joins forces with friends — alongside a few ghostly comrades — in a terrifying battle between good and evil.

Kurkow Prison: Shane and his friends are tasked with another ghostbusting mission – the gruesome demons at Kurkow Prison. When one of the new owners mistakenly cuts the iron chains keeping the ghosts locked inside, the property becomes overrun by restless souls.

Lake Nutaq: Shane’s idyllic getaway in the woods is cut short by a maniacal ghost named Broken Nose. Ill-prepared, he enlists the help of his friend Frank, and The Englishman, a crazed lunatic with a knack for killing. Still, nothing could prepare them for the evil spirits eager to cause misery and death.

Slater Mill: The soul-weary Shane looks to escape the emotional and physical scars of his gruesome occupation. But he has yet another job in Slater Mill. As he prepares for the upcoming battle, he is visited by an old acquaintance whose timing couldn’t be worse.

Borgin Keep: Shane has been hunting ghosts all over New England, assuming that the jobs were random, till he ran into The Watchers. When their leader sends him a gruesome message, their killing spree becomes more brazen, and Shane knows he must stop them before it’s too late.

Amherst Burial Ground: In the serene town of Amherst, the ghost of a little boy, Samson, possesses a hideous appetite that keeps residents on edge. Meanwhile, Shane is in a deep depression, overcoming a tragic loss. He is quickly realizing that this encounter with Samson and The Watchers may very well be his last.

What reviewers are saying:
????? ‘Amazing! Stephen King, move over for your successor…’

????? ‘I don’t know what author Ron Ripley’s nightmares are like, but he certainly knows how to bring on the scares, in every single story.’

????? ‘A must read for those who like chilling haunted house stories. Twisted like The Shining!’

????? ‘A unique and compelling supernatural horror series!’

????? ‘Twists and turns you don’t expect suddenly lurch out to grab you!’

????? ‘I finished unsure which scared me more: the haunts, or the humans [shudder]’

More than 100,000 copies sold and 100s of five star reviews.
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