Author interview with Arie Tamir of ‘I Wanted only to Live’

Author Interview with Arie Tamir

“These are my early childhood memories. Between the ages of 7 to 13 in the 2nd World War, I struggled for my life. I was saved from three mass deportations to the death camps, escaped the ghetto, survived several months pretending to be a Polish street child and survived concentration camps.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about World War II through the eyes of a child who experienced the struggle for survival, the devastation of the concentration camps, and the return to life after. Join me as I chat with Arie Tamir, as he takes is through his memoir of this time documented in ‘I Wanted only to Live’.  

Arie, it’s wonderful to have you back at today to chat a little about your book. I think that this is such a powerful book that shows an important time in world history. For those who are unaware, what is this book all about?

Just my memoirs checked with the real history and facts.

Were there steps that you took to help you prepare to write these memoirs?

I just started writing, made corrections according to historical facts.

Just to be clear, you’re not a professional author.

No, this is my first and probably my last book. I wrote it when I was over 80 years old.

We’ve chatted before about this book, and I never fail to be impressed by your decision to write this book when you were in your 80s. Again, I’m going to have to congratulate you for getting these events down on paper for readers. Being in your 80s when you wrote this book you have to back about 60 or 70 years into your memories to the events in and around the war. What did you find yourself thinking about as you reflected up and wrote about this time?

How people may be cruel.

The ability of people to be cruel is a strong idea to write about it. Was it the central message you wanted to share or was there another idea that you really wanted to share with readers? What was most important for your readers to take away?

You can get nothing without a struggle, mainly not your life in a very hard circumstances.

Do you think that the events of your life intertwined with the hard circumstances of World War II is relevant to readers today, or will have a bigger impact in the future?


Despite the importance of the events that you share, do you feel that there are people who shouldn’t read this book?

Small children.

Yes, I think that the book might be too much for little kids, but I still feel that it’s important for older ones. As you look back today on the journey that was this book, what was your greatest learning experience writing it?

Never say I can’t do it.

Indeed you did do it! How have readers responded to your book?

Generally, very good.

Arie, one thing that has always struck me about your book is the professional quality cover it has. Who designed it?

Designed myself with professional help.

You did a great job, both with the cover and the message. Arie, thanks so much for sharing your memoir ‘I Wanted only to Live’, with myself and the readers of I hope all of our readers will take the opportunity to return in time with you in your book and learn more about why we should strive to never have another World War.

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