Too Hot to Handle: A firefighter friends-to-lovers romance

| June 12, 2019


A picture tells a thousand words…What happens when most of them are lies?

Gigi Sinclair has it all. Just check out her social media feed. It’s full of designer clothes, first class travel and snapshots of her TV-star fiancé. Behind the scenes, things are a bit more complicated.

When Gigi’s boyfriend calls off their engagement, she’s devastated and determined to win him back before he marries someone else. Then, an embarrassing accident brings firefighter Tony DeLucca into her life. At first Gigi and Tony are only friends, but it isn’t long before she wonders if he might be something more. Blue collar, streetwise and as good at turning up the heat as he is at putting fires out, Tony is nothing like Gigi’s ex. He brings out a side of her personality that she buried long ago.

When Gigi and Tony’s worlds collide, she has to decide between two different men and two different lives. Does she choose the camera-ready fantasy, or can she hold on to something real?


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