Masked Intentions

| June 12, 2019


The Alphas are about to learn they no longer make the rules.

Rachel grew up in a world ripped apart by civil war. Alphas—genetically superior humans—seized control of the Western nations from the governing body twelve years previous. In the wake of the war, the Alphas have struggled to remember the old traditions which bound them together. There are cracks in the new foundation, places for bad men to rule and innocents to get lost in.

After trying to care for her unstable mother, Rachel is picked up as a lawbreaker and slated for claiming or execution by an Alpha.

In walks Morgan. Unwashed, unshaven, flip-flop wearing, unrefined Morgan, who all but kidnaps Rachel to take her home to his Master. He intends to give her to his Master as a breeder.

Neither planned beyond that. Alphas expect bystanders to obey, and Rachel didn’t expect to live through the day. When Rachel begins digging in her heels and resisting, the Alphas find themselves faced with an angry woman who demands she be heard.

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