Romantic Comedy Lover's Box Set

| June 12, 2019


Crazy about romantic comedies from authors like Sophie Kinsella and Helen Fielding? You’ll love these seven laugh-out-loud funny books from the author of Kindle Unlimited All-Star Winner Sweet Hollow Women.

Included in this boxed set are the full-length novel Bellamy’s Redemption, the novellas Dogged by Love, A Christmas Date for Noelle: A Corny Sisters Book, Right Under Your Nose: A Christmas Story, Ring in the New Year, Wrestling with Romance, and The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy, and recipes.

Dogged by Love:

Rufus the dog and his owner Edward are best friends. When Edward starts online dating, Rufus’s small, furry world is turned upside down. Gone are the days of lounging and cuddle time! Now it’s one undesirable lady after another, coming into their once-peaceful lives. Will Edward ever find love, and if he does, will there still be room in his heart for Rufus?

Bellamy’s Redemption:

“I was undeniably hooked just a few pages in.” – Sara Steven, Chick Lit Central

Hearts across America break when reality star Bellamy Timberfrost is jilted in front of millions. When he’s given a second chance at love, mega-fan Emma is first in line to win a spot competing for Bellamy’s heart on a journey around the world, and, if she’s lucky, straight into the arms of her dream man.

A Christmas Date for Noelle: A Corny Sisters Book:

Even though the don’t look anything alike, best friends Noelle and Cornelia are known as the Corny Sisters. They’ve been friends since childhood and own a successful business together, but this is where their similarities end. Cornelia seems to have it all: She’s tall, beautiful, and married to a great guy. Noelle is short, frumpy, and looking for love. When they hire a new delivery driver for their flower shop, Noelle falls head-over-heels for him. But is he too far out of her league? And if he’s not the one for her, who is?

Right Under Your Nose:

Ariadne Daniels seems to have it all: A successful career as a pastry chef, a Victorian home in a trendy neighborhood, and her dedicated boyfriend Scott who she’s been with for years. Her life is great until the day she stops by Scott’s apartment unexpectedly and finds out that he’s not so dedicated to her after all. Shocked and too depressed to celebrate, she decides to skip Christmas. Her best friend Jess does his part to convince her otherwise, but Ariadne’s determined to wallow in her misery. Life has other plans for her, though. Some helpful meddling from a new friend at a local bookstore, along with some questionable behavior on the part of Jess’s girlfriend, turn Ariadne’s ho-hum holiday plans on their head.

Ring in the New Year (the sequel to Right Under Your Nose):

Ariadne’s happily-ever-after is in sight, until the biggest bombshell that could be dropped comes crashing down on her wedding plans. Just when she thought she’d finally found happiness, she’s left devastated. With her future on the line, she has everything to lose. Can she bounce back from this and have the life she deserves, or will she find herself alone?

Wrestling with Romance:

She’s the boss. He’s her newest employee. And she’s never been one to mix business with pleasure. As the owner of the world’s largest professional wrestling establishment, Lucille doesn’t have time for dating. When her ex-husband sets out to recapture the empire he helped build, Lucille’s life goes from hectic to haywire. The only bright spot she can see is with the ultimate off-limits option: a professional wrestler. Will she break her own rules for love?

The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy:

Elinor has landed the job of her dreams: She’s going to be the Advice Fairy for the Snowflake Valley paper. She’s barely settled in when the sparkle turns to fizzle. The problems coming across her desk are far weightier than she imaged. Can reporter Nile help her fall in love with Snowflake Valley again?

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