The Elephants and the Chocolate Cake

| June 13, 2019


A birthday, a HUGE chocolate cake, and cute elephants!

It’s Poco’s special day, and Loco, Toco, and Poco set off on an important quest: they must find the biggest, CHOCOLATIEST cake to make the celebrations perfect.

The three spunky elephants will have to think outside the box in order to successfully complete their quest. Can they do it in time?

Your child will be excited to join in the fun! Along the way, they’ll learn about important values, like friendship and teamwork, and about acknowledging and accepting diversity.

Because we all know that children LOVE to continue the adventure long after they read one, there are activity sheets now included in the book. Kindle users are provided a link to get the activity sheets.

This engaging read is also now available in Hardcover version. Pre-orders open now!


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