A Spoonful of Love for the Texan Doctor

| June 14, 2019


James Kennedy is the only doctor in town. Settling into Letterby, Texas, he serves the local community, coming to their aid when they need it most. There’s just one problem, he’s desperate for an assistant, but there’s no money for hired help.

Why not find someone that can solve both problems at the same time? A wife?

Elise is desperate to get out of her predicament, her life as a saloon girl singer is fast becoming jaded and she yearns to start afresh where no-one knows of her past. Becoming a mail order bride sounds like a plausible way to leave her old life behind and start anew, where no-one knows her secrets.

She answers James Kennedy’s advertisement for a wife, traveling to Letterby in the hope of leaving all traces of her previous life behind.

Can Elise keep her past hidden and will James accept her for a wife?

Especially when he finds out that Elise was a saloon girl…


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