Distant Silence

| November 12, 2013


Distant Silence

The German Wehrmacht’s advance into Stalinist Russia has faltered. While the Russian Bear licks at it’s wounds, business on the frontline continues as usual. A group of German soldiers await the inevitable. In their fight for survival they stab, maim and kill to keep each other alive.

Death, savagery, cunning and sheer madness reign supreme on both sides.

The war lives and breathes in long fiery gasps. The war is insane.

But in it’s trauma it is determined to drag everyone into the raging inferno of it’s insatiable hunger.

About the author

John C. McRoberts has, like everyone else in the known universe, tried to get a novel published only to be told to go far away. He refused to take this with good grace and on quiet weekends can found swearing profusely in the garden while his cat watches with indifference.

John is the result of a genetic experiment and his DNA is therefore very closely related to that of a Polar Bear.

John currently lives in the United Kingdom, but he is receiving treatment.


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