Beyond The Ocean: A Journey Through Tides And Waves (An Adventure & Inspirational Story)

| June 17, 2019


A story to inspire you to Never Give Up
The Black war was the fiercest battle in the Mainland which displaced so many people in the region. Some survivors who were fortunate to escape settled in the middle of two valleys and called it the Mid-Valley.
Sam Ghart grew up there, but his dream went beyond the village. Sam was known for his heroic intervention which made him a close friend of Prince Lodius, the Prince of Akainia.
So many years ago, the sea was struck by an unknown force which terrorized the people of the Mainland for a very long time. To Sam, it was an obstacle waiting to be pulled down, but to everyone else, it was a death wish to approach it.
He met Bob, a carpenter’s son and Frey, a scientist from Akainia and together, they embarked on a journey to discover what lies beyond the ocean. They believed that life could be much more than living in the Mainland.

Enjoy the adventure and inspiration as the story unfolds.


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