Cal’s Revenge (Cal Rivers Book 1)

| June 17, 2019


New Classic Western: Ever since his family was massacred twelve years ago, Cal Rivers has been seeking revenge. Though just a boy at the time, Cal never forgot the screams of his sisters—nor did he forget who really ordered the killing. Now, after years of life on the road, Cal has come home to Kerby, Texas to settle the score with Sam Bellingham.

But trouble seems to follow Cal wherever he goes, and he soon learns there is more than revenge awaiting him in Kerby. Sam’s boys have been roughing up the town, and it’s up to Cal to muster the townspeople and run them out. After running scared for so long, the people of Kerby seem to have forgotten how to fight.

Will Cal’s thirst for revenge hold enough fight for all of them? Join Cal in this battle of justice as time is running out to get the crooks down.


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