Author interview with Stephen Wesley Stetelman of ‘The Mysteries of Sport’

| June 19, 2019

Author interview with Stephen Wesley Stetelman of 'The Mysteries of Sport'

“In my first book, I explored how the mind works. In this one, I use that same model to explore unsolved mysteries of sports. We explore the advantages of race, why pitchers can’t hit, home field advantage, free throws, the 100-meter dash, concussions, and much more.”

Love sports and want to investigate the mysteries of the world of sport? Get your detective hats on and join Stephen Wesley Stetelman author of ‘The Mysteries of Sport’ as we jump into sport. Stephen, what life experiences drew you to write about the mysteries of sport?

Yes. I spent most of my life obsessed with sports and training. I’ve tested and experimented enough with sports psychology to make most people sick.

What did you learn from all of the testing, experimenting and the experience drawing it all together into this book?

The race posts really tied it all together.

Do you think that the things, like race, that you discovered as a part of your research is a matter of our time, or do you feel it will become more important in the future?

I honestly don’t think that it will be believed, but it may be important in the future.

Are there people who you don’t feel will respond well, or might not believe what you’re writing and therefore should skip your book?

Yes, anyone who has their mind made up on how sports work.

What kinds of responses have you had from people who haven’t already made their minds up?

Most people think that it’s really interesting.

Looking back, where did you learn to write such interesting work?

College and I’ve picked up things from my favorite writers along the way.

Did you take any steps to prepare to become a writer once you decided that you were going to write a book?

Blogging. I try to empty my mind everyday in public.

What are you thinking about when you’re writing and working towards an empty mind?

I pretend like I am Will Smith in I Am Legend. It helps me keep perspective and realize that I write for myself, not for anyone else.

Do you feel that your focus of writing for yourself helped your voice as an author progress?

I feel comfortable enough writing and submitting on one pass. I typically have thoughts weened down throughout the day, so by the time I sit down at a computer, it’s typically on point.

I always feel that a great way to be on point and share the point with readers is good cover design. Who designed your book cover?

I designed it. I’m cheap and pretty picky.

It’s good to acknowledge when you’re picky, I think it makes it easier to write and communicate a clearer message to readers. And since you’ve created a clear message with this book, have you started to think about new projects to work on?

I’m currently working on a book called Soul Science as well as a completely new look on human evolution.

New ideas and new looks at interesting concepts, I think you’re going to be busy for years to come! Stephen, thanks for sharing a taste of your work with me today, and I hope that readers continue loving your insights into the world of sports and beyond.

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