Sunstar: Amina’s story

| June 19, 2019


Amina has a special Ability her father’s rage forces her to hide. When she finds an invitation that offers to set her free, she’s determined to accept it before it’s too late. First, she must escape her father’s world of prejudice and fear. She finds the strength to stand against everything she’s ever known and enter a new life, but that’s just the beginning of her journey. Her dream is to join the Gwana Interplanetary Peace Squad, where she can use her Ability openly to help others. If she passes her training, she’ll join a unit that patrols the star system maintaining peace. She won’t sacrifice her freedom, even for love, and vows to never allow another man to have dangerous power over her. Two gorgeous men tempt her heart. Captain Withes may be charming, but is he a pretty-girl-of-the moment guy or something more? Reece is a poet after Amina’s heart, but is there darkness beneath his pretty words? She finds friendship and value in her new life. What she doesn’t expect is the heat and emotion of passion, the greatest depth of betrayal and grief, and the truest form of love. Amina’s story is a fast-paced, soft sci-fi, sweet romance about a girl with inner strength who insists on nothing less than lasting love. Romance with heart.

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