Mind Girl

| June 19, 2019


Meet Ava Parker – schoolkid, beloved daughter, reluctant alien.
Ava has replicated lots of humans – or game pieces, as she calls them – and pretended to be all kinds of people. Now, she’s honed her human camouflage talents to a T and hopes to be the longest-running human in her planet’s favorite game. Even her parents and best friend have no idea what she really is.
Ava knows the only reality that exists is planet Tarvana’s tyrannical realm of thought. But this latest life is a real game-changer. For the first time, Ava, from Tarvana’s lowest thought-caste, is loved. And even though she believes Earth is only a daydream devised by the dominant thought-caste, she never wants to wake up.
A murder rocks her town. When Ava accidentally discovers that Tarvana’s most powerful mind is responsible, she begins to piece together that her planet is not at all what she’s been indoctrinated to believe. And the dominant thought-caste will kill again to keep their secrets safe. Ava’s family is in mortal danger from a world she can’t convince them exists.
As Ava tries to outwit Tarvana’s most dangerous mind, she comes face-to-face with ever-active thoughts in other centuries. And a history-altering journey to America’s brutal days of slavery uncovers the lies on which her planet was founded. At last, Ava begins to listen to her heart – which tells her Earth never was a game.
Spanning five years, Ava’s magical story is sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but always human.

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