Flying Horse Discovery

| November 13, 2013


Flying Horse Discovery

Can Kasey, her brother Sam, and Buck, an almost total stranger, save the troubled circus horse from almost certain destruction?

Will Buck lose his job and very livelihood as a result of his impulsive actions to save the horse?

The sensitive, talented, pitch black horse, Comet, has a string of bad experiences with humans behind him. The horse’s very life is under threat from Seth, the cunning, mean-spirited head horse trainer at the circus.

Can the teens outsmart not only Seth but all the adults too in this daring rescue attempt…?
How to save the horse, where to hide him? They must figure this out if they have any hope.
And if they do rescue Comet, what next?

An unexpected outcome, new friendships forged and new beginnings for some follow.
Except Seth, he’s furious and plotting his revenge.
Just how safe are they all now?

Find out what happens, and more, in FLYING HORSE DISCOVERY.
The second book in the series, FLYING HORSE REVEALED, picks up right where this one ends is due out end of Feb 2013.


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