Author interview with Anthony Valerio of ‘Semmelweis, the Women’s Doctor’

Author interview with Anthony Valerio of ‘Semmelweis, the Women’s Doctor’

Semmelweis, the Women’s Doctor showcases the Life and Work of pioneering physician Ignaz P. Semmelweis, who discovered the causes and means of prevention of childbed fever, the H.I.V. and cancer of his day. Called the “Father of Antisepsis,” he was largely ignored, placed in an asylum and murdered. He was a man who did good for women.

Learn more about the life of the pioneering doctor, Ignaz P. Semmelweis, during today’s author interview with Anthony Valerio of ‘Semmelweis, the Women’s Doctor’. Anthony, what inspired you to explore and document the life of Dr Semmelweis in this book?

The work on the Semmelweis project began with a fascinating character of great historical importance who spoke to me, and I hope to others, of today’s issues of women’s rights to their bodies and issues of denial.

Did you draw on experiences from your own life to really get to the depths of those issues?

Yes. Listening to women and respecting their rights to their bodies.

What was the most important message that you wanted to share from the combination of your research into this man, and the women you listened to?

Read and learn about Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis. Hope he speaks to you today about what is of dire importance to you.

Do you feel that how he has spoken to you, and in turn, the readers is relevant today, or do you feel the importance will become stronger in the future?

Dr. Semmelweis’s life and work, hopefully, strike a chord to issues today and will resonant into the future wherever process is appreciated as well as the rights and well-being of women.

What have you personally learned from exploring and sharing Dr Semmelweis’s life and work?

Take the time required to have it come out as best as it can.

What kind of responses have you received from readers who have taken the time to read the best that you offer in this book?

Superlative feedback thus far. Beyond my and some of the reader’s expectations!

How did you prepare to become a writer?

Was delinquent until about the age of 6. Main punishment was watching other kids.

Where did you learn to write once you had learned to control that delinquency?

In my mind and heart. Places: all over the world.

Have you found that joining a writing group has helped you improve the writing from your mind and heart?

I have lead writing workshops in universities and they were extremely good for me and, I hear, for many of the writers in attendance.

With so much experience in the world of writing, I’d love you to share what you think about as you write.

Depends on the book. The Semmelweis book I had a friend and colleague Kurt Vonnegut in mind and the women closest to me in my life.

How has your author voice changed as you have continued to write additional books?

Clearer and sharper.

What feedback have you received from readers on your journey so far? What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

Your book is a hodgepodge (not this one). Best: You are inspiring.

With inspiring feedback like that, I can see why you continue to write! Has positive feedback helped fuel your author branding and self-publishing strategy?

This work is not self-published. I learned early on with all my publishers that I, the author, have to work hard in getting word of it to the public.

Which cover designer was used to help graphically show the importance of your story, to into turn help you get the word out to the public?

Terrific book cover designed by Dave Barry. His work can be viewed here-

With this book down, what are your next plans?

After promoting this work, take a day off!

Have a fantastic day off! Anthony, thanks for sharing your insights into the world of a good man, and I hope that your author journey takes you to an eager reading public.

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