I'm On Death Row (As told through the eyes of a killer)

| June 26, 2019


Get inside the mind of a killer. What drives someone to kill another? Clayton, an all American boy had it all. A popular high school student, great football player, and a beautiful.adoring girlfriend. After an unexpected injury after graduating highschool, all hell broke loose. He lost his football scholarship to college, his girlfriend broke-up with him and his parents disowned him.
This powerful, dark, crime short story will grip you until the very end.
Walk the walk of this killer.
Emotional and riveting to the very end. Tick tock.
Tick tock.

Editorial Review: Extraordinary! An epic short narrative that reads like a true story! It is so compelling, it literally puts you in this young man’s shoes from the first line to the heart stopping end, allowing the reader to experience the intense emotions as he recounts his version of events.
R.P. Marketer/Writer

This story captivates the reader at every page! This intense page turner puts in perspective how each decision can change your life. The details make this story a must read.

D.R.V. Reviewer/Reader/Marketer

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