A Furious Wind

| November 13, 2013


A Furious Wind

When a middle-aged mother and her estranged son move to the small town of Wisakilli, Texas, they find themselves welcomed into the little community with open arms. Situated right near the center of the Texas Tornado Alley, the town holds great promise for her and her son as she takes over as caregiver for the town’s wealthy curmudgeon.

But in the midst of tornado season, Wisakilli along with its most infamous residents–The Fairlawn Boys–weather a storm not quite like any other they’ve faced before.

In a similar vein to Stephen King’s Storm of the Century and Under the Dome, it is a story of fear, anger, redemption, and love. Michael Stephenson takes the reader on a dangerous and haunting journey into the heart of a storm so violent and mean that it can only be referred to… as A Furious Wind.


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