The Cost of Caring: Can a Fresh Start Erase the Past?


Fans of Carrie from Book 1 will be delighted when Lisa and Carrie’s paths cross!

Sometimes you’re better off alone. That’s what Lisa Naylor decided when she was sixteen. After two years of keeping secrets from her parents, she’s ready to leave her dysfunctional family and create her own future.

Alone in a big city for the first time, she lets loose and blows through all the money she had so carefully saved. By the end of the summer, she’s broke, lonely, and doesn’t have a plan.

A chance encounter challenges her to take control of her life and make something out of it. Four years later, she’s transformed into someone confident, successful, and about to make a childhood dream come true. Then, one phone call changes everything. She must choose whether to rescue her mom and risk her own dream or turn her back on her family for good.

The Cost of Caring is the story of one woman’s transformation and the way her choices change the lives of the people around her. Read it on its own, or as part of the Success on Her Terms Series.
*This book was previously published as Counting on Success in the Net Worth series