Someone Has Taken My Place

| June 28, 2019


Inspired by a true story Someone has taken my place is an epic account of identity thefts and multiple insurance fraud. Irish private investigator Andy Stone is on the trail of the serial fraudster the Cowboy. Expert in the forensics of financial fraud investigations, Stone is obsessed with obtaining justice for the vulnerable citizens whose identities have been taken.

Follow his chase across Europe and the United States of America as, with the help of FBI, ex-KGB and CIA agents, the American Secret Service, Interpol and the Irish police force, Stone pieces together the international conman’s tortuous spider’s web of illegal aliases and criminal intent.

What is the evil secret at the heart of the multiple identity thefts and will Stone catch the Cowboy in time for justice to be served?

Join him in his search for the truth.

In reality the book examines the complexity involved in the investigation of insurance fraud and other financial crimes caused by identity theft. The horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks, an attack not just on the United States of America but on all countries that enjoy freedom and liberty, made it clear that in order to assist in counter-terrorism the Irish authorities need to ensure passports are not issued under false pretentions.

Identity Theft is relatively new to Ireland when compared to the United States. However it is a growing problem. Effectively identity theft is the ability to take somebody’s identity and use it to commit fraud. The most common form of identity theft is obtaining credit card details and using them to purchase goods or services in that person’s name. If you combine identity theft with the obtaining of insurance policies, opening false bank accounts and making fraudulent insurance claims, it makes the investigation of these crimes extremely complex and difficult. Identity theft of the dead is also a major problem in the United States. Sources there estimate that there were 800,000 attempts to steal dead people’s identities in 2011 alone. The website of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) states: “A stolen identity is a powerful cloak of anonymity for criminals and terrorist and a danger to national security and private citizens alike.”

There is a clear need for the harmonisation of all investigators, so that insurance investigators like myself, can work together with law enforcement agencies, nationally and internationally to reduce fraud and crime, and to above all protect our citizen’s identities and our national identity.


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