NERDY GIRLS DON’T: A Nerdy Novel, Book 2 (Confessions of a Nerdy Girl)

| June 29, 2019


In this sequel to Nerdy Ever After: Confessions of a Nerdy Girl, Willa Shisbey, a self-professed nerdy girl and chronic outsider, continues to struggle with loss, bullies, and the challenges of middle school life.

On the Willa Shisbey My Life Stinks scale of one to ten, Willa’s life is an eleven.
It’s not just that she’s a medically documented freak-of-nature with the ability to recall her past with the accuracy of a computer, or that her OCD has gotten so out of control that she’s counting cracks in the sidewalk and rearranging her sock drawer by color and pattern. Now her adoptive family has imploded and Willa fears she might be an orphan — again!

But when Willa is paired with a new student, a shy and secretly homeless girl for a class project, Willa will be forced to confront her greatest fears while redefining the true meaning of the word “Family.”  


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