Yara’s Tawari Tree (Yara’s Rainforest Book 1)

| June 29, 2019


Yara lives with her Mama in the lush Amazon jungle. She wants to rescue her beloved but increasingly besieged rainforest home. When Yara falls gravely ill, the forest returns the love and saves Yara’s life. 

“A story with a good ecological message and vibrant paintings…” – Kirkus Reviews 

Written in rhyme and featuring gorgeous watercolor illustrations by Joanna Pasek, this is the first volume in a new series showing children how all living things on our beautiful planet depend on one another. 

In a faraway jungle, by a big waterfall, 
Smoke rose in the air, things were not good at all. 
“They are clearing the forest, they are now very near. 
This is surely my end!” sighed a seedling with fear. 

On the bank of the river, in a house made of wood, 
Close to the place where the scared seedling stood, 
A hard-working mother and her kindhearted child, 
Lived freely together, eating food from the wild. 

“Lapid’s story is enchanting, and it is the perfect opening for discussions on the environment…” Reader’s Favorite, Jack Magnus 

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