Circle is Closed

| June 29, 2019


A long time in humanity’s future they want to return home; to Earth. It has changed, for-the-good, but due to genetic engineering, they find something else living there. A different kind of First Contact occurs an Alien Invasion occurs with a different perspective.
Humanity left Earth a long time ago. They treated their home planet poorly, and the deteriorating environment forced them to leave. They traveled 189 light years to a faraway world and named it Horizon, respecting the new lives they intended to build. Fortunately, they learned their lessons and treated their new world much better. After over 1,300 years away from Earth, they still revered her and taught their children her beauty. They knew that someday they would return, They hoped that Earth had healed and she would welcome them back. They finally developed faster than light travel and the first place they wanted to visit was the home planet of the human race. When a small crew made the trip, they found that Earth had healed and was healthy, but they also found changes that surprised them. When they left to return to Horizon, they had more questions than when they left.


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