Saint Justice

| June 29, 2019


“Addictive, intelligent, edge-of-your seat writing; as urgent and gripping as it gets.”Oliver Harris, bestselling author of the Nick Belsey thrillers.

It takes a cult leader to kill a cult.

On the run from past colleagues, cult leader and ex-CIA agent Christopher Wren walks into a white supremacist bar in northern Utah, looking only to get beaten up. What he uncovers instead is repugnant; the beginning threads of a vast human trafficking organization run with ruthless corporate precision, funneling thousands of homeless people from the streets to…

Nobody knows. Nobody cares.

They should.

A civil war is brewing in the wilds of America. One spark in the tinderkeg could ignite the inferno, and now Wren finds himself alone in the dark, watching the spark fall.

If you love Jack Reacher, John Milton or Alex Cross you’ll love this book.

Get it today to plunge into Wren’s battle for America’s soul.

Available as kindle ebook and paperback.

Series so far:
1. Saint Justice
2. Monsters
3. Reparation


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