Postcards on the Beach

| June 30, 2019


Sea Haven is a slice of paradise – a postcard world of natural beauty where mystery entwines with magic and hidden sins awaken from decades-long slumber. Summer has arrived and the flood of seasonal tourists has evaporated in the midday heat, but peace and quiet have not resumed. A teen bride and her military groom are found murdered in an oceanfront honeymoon suite on their wedding night.

Freelance photographer Morgan LeFevre has a secret. Sometimes a gift and other times a curse, she has the unusual ability to drop herself into any photograph at the time and place it was taken. Normally content to hide behind the camera or joyride in a photo, Morgan is reluctantly drawn to hunt for justice for the young newlyweds and her unique gift might be just what she needs to compensate for her lack of detective skills. The more she learns about the murdered bride, the more personal her drive to save their lives becomes as it re-opens her own nightmares and unresolved issues.

The first book in the Sea Haven Mysteries series, Postcards on the Beach follows Morgan LeFevre on a dark and blood-tinged journey of self-discovery.

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