Clueless: Go and Make Disciples

| July 1, 2019


Clueless – Go make disciples

Have you ever been told to go and win souls for Christ through street evangelism or any other setting and you just sense you are not cut out for this? When you eventually manage to convince someone to accept Jesus as savior, you begin to realize you are clueless as to where to begin in the discipleship journey. If that is your situation, you are not alone.
As a Christian of over thirty (30) years, listening to sermons from different pulpits from around the world, over media networks and at our local churches, I am amazed at the lack of or non-existence of practical teaching on how to actually go out and make disciples of all nations as Jesus Christ instructed us during His last command to the disciples, until the last thirteen years that this insight came to me in my visible encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ on 22nd, of April 2006. You will find the story on the encounter in the introductory part of Clueless – Go Make Disciples. Even then, I am still fine-tuning my understanding.

I know and I am aware that there are countless Christians, who love the Lord dearly and are involved in relentless church activities week in and week out that have no clue as to how to really go out and make disciples of all nations. Some of our church pews are filled with recycled converts that do not know their left from their right concerning disciple making after years of conversion. Some of our churches have become like the dead sea where we keep taking in messages and not being equipped to let out the treasure within.

This book, Clueless – Go and make disciples was written for you to equip you, as a practical “how to” book for the great commission work using Discovery Bible Study and the best of Disciple Making movement, Training the trainer (T4T) and other disciple making processes all in one place. Questions like – How do you make sense of the various disciple making movement? what fits into your particular church setting? What works for you? What are the positive results of stories out there from different disciple making movements?

By the time you are done reading Clueless – Go and make disciples, you will begin to actually make disciples and equip other groomed leaders to do likewise in any and every setting where you find yourself and your fruit will certainly remain. From the many approaches to discipleship out there, you will find your unique style and place in the body of Christ and function in that office effectively. You will find practical tips on how to start a group amongst different people groups (Urban and rural) and look for trigger points within any setting to start a discovery process. You will identify your unique gifting in the body of Christ and function effectively within it and much, much more!

“It is impossible to live the life of a disciple without definite times of secret prayer. You will find that the place to enter in is in your business, as you walk along the streets, in the ordinary ways of life, when no one dreams you are praying, and the reward comes openly, a revival here, a blessing there.”
– Oswald Chambers

“Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.”
– Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“Only a disciple can make a disciple.”
– A. W. Tozer

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