The Eagle’s Covenant

| November 14, 2013


The Eagle's Covenant

Manfred Schiller is the world’s most powerful and richest citizen who controls an enormous industry covering most aspects of everyone’s lives. The key to controlling Schiller’s vast organisation is his week-old grandson, Manny. Franz Molke, leader of the fast rising People’s Party in Germany knows that the ageing Schiller plans to hand over complete control of his empire to the Israeli nation, despite the fact that the infant is sole heir. Molke plans to thwart Schiller’s plans by kidnapping the baby and through intimidation and murder plans to grab control before the handover begins. But the kidnapped baby disappears and Conor Lenihan, an ex-IRA terrorist and ex-SAS soldier, escapes a double-cross and violent death as part of the kidnap team. Now he has to work with Joanna, the infant’s mother, in a desperate fight to thwart Molke’s plan for a new Europe and to stop Schiller.


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