Luring The Lion: Female Shifter Romance Series

| July 2, 2019


++++ The Lion may be King of the jungle, but the Lioness is the Queen. Together they are beautiful. – Ancient Motto ++++

Bethany has spent her life helping and caring for the king of animals, the lions. As a shifter, she knew and loved these animals dearly. But then she woke up to find herself on the other side of the cage, inside with three big cats, on a poacher ship bound for Africa! How did that happen? And now she’s forced to team up with the hunky Matt, an alpha male wildlife hunter, of all people, to save her beloved lions!

There’s a massive fight lying ahead, and a seemingly insurmountable wall between Bethany and Matt. Their differences seem insurmountable. But a wild card she holds may just win his heart… This is a hot, action-packed love story about loyalty, understanding and mutual trust. Download now and enjoy!

++Includes an extensive selection of choice romance stories from The Romance Reading Room, for your reading pleasure!++


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