The Pact of Love

| July 3, 2019


Krishna Mehra a rich and well-to-do boy living in Mumbai met with his first love Radhika Shah, a beautiful and ambitious girl from Baroda in college. She was a talented dancer and he was a famous voice in those fun college days when cupid struck them. They were attracted quite soon and fell in love with each other. Piya Banerjee, his best friend who hails from Kolkata, predicted from her experience of love & belief in astrology that their relationship won’t work for long, them being the least compatible pair.
Indeed falling in love doesn’t need maturity but continuing the relationship needs the understanding and patience which is missing in today’s fast-paced world which is ‘full of options’. It was the final year of college, the trio was happy together as friends till something brought them apart. An irreparable damage to the couple’s love, a pain which could never be healed!

But destiny had its own way to make them confront each other. Krish realized his true love for Radhika and decided to make his soulmate fall for him again. She refused to give him that one last chance unless he demanded the execution of a naïve pact they agreed to in the past…

– But can a forceful pact make someone admit the secret love for the other and accept the willingness he or she has to live together?
– Can seven days help to rekindle the love which parted ways about three and a half years ago?
– Isn’t soulmates too clichéd yet unbelievable concept in today’s materialistic and selfish world?
– Can true love break all barriers and find its way?

Unveil the story of Krish – ‘The lover boy’, Radhika – ‘His first love’ and Piya – ‘His closest friend’ in his own words with this book named ‘The Pact of Love’ where Krish tries to fight with his destiny for his lost love and makes an attempt to recreate the love with lots of fun dates and romantic moments. The problem – she is resentful & reluctant to fall in love and he has meager seven days to win her heart all over again…

And maybe some of the ideas used by him can help you to recreate your lost love or add spice to your existing dull relationship. Give each other that couple time dear reader; even one special moment can make a difference because true love has a habit of coming back!

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