Subjects That You Should Know (But School Won’t Teach You)

| July 3, 2019


While the school system is concerned with creating prestigious professionals, they have forgotten the importance of spread knowledge that provides a fair advantage and skills to overcome common but not trivial problems.

Financial education, nutrition and sports, mental health, and some techniques that are worth learning, like meditation and public speaking, are some of the topics covered in this book, explaining fundamental aspects of each one, creating awareness about its relevance, and how they can be daily applied to improve your life.

Financial Education:
• Rich People Are Not Born, They Are Made
• Basic Concepts of Financial Education
• How Does Money Work?
• What You Should Know Before Investing and Making Your Money Work for You

Nutrition and Sports:
• The Basics of Sports and Nutrition
• The Truth About Some Foods
• Why Sports Are Good for Our Health?
• Burning Fats and Increasing Your Muscle Mass

Mental Health (Emotional and Social Intelligence):
• If You Can’t Hold On: Recognizing and Managing Emotions
• The Inevitable Loss: What is Mourning and How to Face It
• Body Language: Learn to Read What is Happening
• Strategies to Convince Them: Everything Is a Sale

Some Techniques Thar Are Worth Learning:
• Public Speaking
• Meditation
• Neuro-Linguistic Programming
• Techniques to Be Happy (According to Science)

A brilliant gift for high school and college students, and a life-changing read for any adult.


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