In Simple Terms, This is Life

| July 3, 2019


If our Light Energies are sufficiently loving and healthy, then the physical bodies will be full of Lights. They will be like the brightest objects in this dark physical world. We will see one another, not as male or female, black, brown or white, tall or short, gay or straight, rich or poor, believers or unbelievers, or any other label we have given ourselves. We will see one another as Lights, or as Lights disguised as darkness.Humanity does not need so many words for it to discover its true nature. In the search for meaning, certain words like the conscious mind, subconscious mind, third eye, soul, spirit, cause, effect, karma and more, have been used to define the meaning of existence, and these words have caused a lot of confusion, pain, and disappointments for so many.Throughout the pages of this book, you will find that the meaning of Life is greatly simplified. Whatsoever is the belief or unbelief, the color of the skin, the religious practice, the shape of the body; and whatever is the language that it speaks, each Life that reads this book is presented with an Eternal Opportunity to realize that, in the whole existence, there ‘is’ only two: The Real and the Unreal.

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