| July 3, 2019


“Couldn’t put it down. An inspired new world and heroine with a romance that was subtly included and an unpredictable plot to keep a reader enthralled.” – Verified Purchase

Why would the fey invite Jan to visit Azry?
For a millennium, the fey exiled their criminals to Earth. When their portals mysteriously stopped closing eight years ago, chaos rocked both worlds. Once on the edge of war, humans and fey have struggled to find peace.
Jan Leeman’s spent her life studying the fey, despite the fact she’s one of the few humans without any trace of fey blood. They’re giving her the opportunity of a lifetime: to be one of the first humans to ever (officially) visit Azry. But do the fey want peace, like they claim?
With just the protection of an unwilling fire mage and the secrets of an Exile, Jan will fight to survive the whirlwind of competing fey clans, resentful Exiles, and human ignorance.
A fun adventure novel, tripping from urban fantasy to science fiction and back again. Role model authors: Jim Butcher, Diana Wynne Jones, Debra Dunbar, and Michelle Sagara

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