Thank You For Your Service, a charity collection (TYFYS)

| July 4, 2019


Thank You For Your Service, Vol. 2 is an 8-book collection of full-length military romance novels by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

~ Royalties from the collection will benefit the family of Sgt. Cameron Meddock.~

1. Making Faces (Amy Harmon)
2. The Vixen and the Vet (Katy Regnery)
3. On Solid Ground (Melissa Collins)
4. Thrive (Aly Martinez)
5. When We Kiss (Tia Louise)
6. Bring Down the Stars (Emma Scott)
7. Chased (Hazel James)
8. Safe Distance (Megan Green)


On January 17, 2019, Sgt. Cameron Meddock, a US Army Ranger, died in Landsfuhl, Germany, of injuries sustained from small-arms fire in Afghanistan. He left behind a wife and unborn child.

When we, in the romance community, learned of this terrible tragedy, our hearts cried out for action. Prayers and thoughts come from a good place and have value, but we wondered what we could do to offer comfort during a time of such loss?

Sixteen of us rallied together, each donating a book, and the Thank You For Your Service collections were born.

Our beautiful covers were donated by Marianne Nowicki and Alexandria Bishop graciously offered to format the two collections.

ALL GROSS ROYALTIES FROM THE PURCHASES OF THESE COLLECTIONS will be forwarded to the family of Sgt. Meddock.

Thank you so much for making an e-book purchase today.

And thank you, Sgt. Cameron Meddock, for your service.

–Katy Regnery, Publisher


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