In Pursuit of Darkness (Red Tide Series)

| July 5, 2019


IN PURSUIT OF DARKNESS contains violence, and erotic but non-explicit sex involving heterosexual and same sex relationships, so it is an adult science fiction thriller. It is the second of a continuing series with the same main characters, with a further book already published. The ebook was fully re-edited in 2014 when it was published with Amazon as a 6×9 paperback.
Another dangerous red tide adventure is launched when Roland and Eric Borg accept an assignment from their mysterious secret service benefactor. The daughter of an influential tycoon has been abducted under strange circumstances, and their combined unorthodox skills are requested.
Their mission takes them to Texas, where they are stunned to discover that the ruthless criminal behind it all is a lot more than they had at first believed, and they are shocked to discover the dark sexual aberrations that are engendered. The match of some old DNA to some recent forensic evidence connects the monster to over two hundred abductions. This discovery launches the pair into a chilling investigation, with ramifications that stretches their entire concept of life.
Erik has the fighting skills of a born warrior, and the telepathic Telesphorus is an unusually resourceful cat, but it is Roland’s alien inheritance and his powerful paranormal talents which cements them together as a cohesive and formidable trio. The fabric of time and space are stretched into other realities, as Roland’s alienity works frantically to protect them from marauding ruthless criminals, and an adversary with skills to match their own.


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