Stranded: Curvy Romantic Suspense

| July 5, 2019


Warning: For readers 18+ due to detailed intimate content. This enemies-to-lovers romance is steamy and gritty.
Dark desire. Compelling passion. Lethal danger.

An orphaned college student hitches a plane ride with a damaged bad boy who defies expectations.
He’s older, hot as sin, and an arrogant a**hole.
Rachel’s on her way to get a forbidden relic that could save her sister’s life. One catch: A twisted ritual that requires a rough man.
Xavier has secrets, and enemies, that could get them both killed.
But she needs the dirty bast*rd.

This safe curvy and Alpha New Adult romance features: detailed dark intimacy, male dominance, loathing to love, older man younger woman, and heroine peril. Some readers may find twisted and dangerous material triggering. There’s bad language, brief violence, and disturbing material.
Rachel and Xavier’s story concludes in Captured, the novel-length second episode of their love duet. Safe Romance. Captured goes live on the 24th!

Adventurous readers, let’s fly.


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