Daughter of the Town

| July 6, 2019


“Heartwarming, poignant… a joy to read.” –Writer’s Digest

Claire Chastain reflects on her journey of childhood innocence and discovery in small-town Texas in the 1950s. She and best friend Libby share a lifetime of challenges and friendship although Claire is pampered and sheltered in contrast to street-savvy Libby. Claire is blindsided by her mother’s devastating illness and ensuing conflicts with her beloved father. Her world of family traditional values crumbles and her lifelong dreams shatter.

For the first time, she must make her own way and her own forever decisions. Libby has lived a life of poverty before being adopted by a ranch family and hides behind her tough outer shell to cover her deep emotional scars and broken spirit. She copes with continuing conflict (guilt, isolation and abandonment) after giving up her family for one with comfort and security but no emotional connection. Personal growth and redemption triumph in a heart-warming story of the power of love and forgiveness.

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