The Quiet Boy

| July 6, 2019


Charlie Webster had it all figured out at just sixteen years old. She was the popular girl, the cheerleader, the one with the great hair and the drool-worthy boyfriend. Smarter than your average Mean Girl, Charlie had a promising journalism internship waiting for her as well, despite only being a junior in high school. She had the life that any other girl would be jealous of.
But that was all before HE showed up. He was the Quiet Boy…the boy in the back of the class, his greasy untamed locks covering his mysterious dark eyes and his origins unknown. He was the one without friends, the one all the others avoided in the halls.
Not Charlie, though. Drawn to his mystery, he intrigued her. Despite her teacher and friends’ insisting she avoid him as well, the Quiet Boy’s friendship became a tantalizing challenge, one that she was willing to chase with no regards for consequences. Until the Quiet Boy and his secret nearly cost her everything.

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