Don't Put Frosting On A Turd: Find Your 1 Thing and Become World Class (Branded Expert Book 2)

| July 7, 2019


If the title of this book offends you,
you really won’t like what’s inside
The world is becoming more transparent every day. it’s no longer tolerated to “fake it while you make it”

We are drowning in a sea of information. When googling something brings back
2 million results it’s impossible for us to sort out the right information. This over- abundance of information has spawned a new opportunity for entrepreneurs to become micro-niche experts and brand themselves as the very best solution in their market.

Inside you will learn how to find your “Signature Voice”

Find who it is you are meant to serve

Show your customers that you are the person they need to solve their problem

We pull no punches, It’s time to step up and become the person you have always known you where meant to be,

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