Author interview with Daniel Green of ‘Supernatural Wave of God’s Presence’

Author interview with Daniel Green of 'Supernatural Wave of God's Presence'

Experience miracles from Heaven following you everywhere. Discover how to do the miracles of Jesus and even more spectacular things. Don’t miss out on the supernatural wave of God’s presence where the miracles and wonders of Heaven chase after you as you chase after God.

Are you missing out on feeling God’s presence all around you? Catch the wave of God’s presence with Daniel Green author of ‘Supernatural Wave of God’s Presence’ in our author interview today.  Daniel, thanks for joining me to share your work with us today. To kick us off can you get us situated by telling us a little bit about the people readers will meet in your book.

In this book, the main character is about Jesus and how He was able to do so many miracles all the time. Jesus said himself, that we could do all the miracles He did and even greater things. So you can discover for yourself how to do the miraculous things Jesus did all the time by learning how He did it.

Were some of the miraculous things covered in the pages drawn from events in your own life?

Everything that I have written was not from a hope, belief, or theological perspective. Rather, what I have written comes from personal real-life experiences that I want to share with you so that you can experience the same kind of miracles for yourself every day.

What do you hope readers take away from sharing in these miracles?

Anyone can do the miraculous things Jesus did by doing exactly what He did. Jesus only followed God, the Father, everywhere. If we do the same as Jesus, then we can expect to get the same results – to have the miracles and wonders of Heaven follow us as well.

Who are you really trying help achieve these wonders?

Anyone who is frustrated with the traditional Church experience and wants to personally participate in the miracles Jesus did and have all of Heaven’s wonders chase after them.

Are these readers what you focus on as you write?

All my writing comes from a real tangible relationship I have with God that I refer to as “the Father.” My writing comes out of this dynamic live interaction between us. So everything I write about are from my own personal experiences and interactions with God that I want to show others how to have the same for themselves.

What kind of responses have you received from people who have read this book?

They all have enjoyed reading it and want to know if I have written any other books.

Are you in the process of writing a new book that those eager readers can look forward to?

I am currently working on a book about you being able to have as close a relationship with God here on earth as you will in Heaven. You will discover others near-death experiences as they share what Heaven is like and how they were able to talk with God all the time. You will also discover that God has always wanted to have personal conversations with all His children. I will take you on a journey in history from creation up through the fourth century to show you many of these dynamic personal relationships God has had and still wants to have with everyone. You will also discover what events occurred in the fourth century have prevented most people from being able to talk to God and have Him respond back immediately just as if He was in the same room with you.

That book sounds like a great follow-on from your current work, and one that I’m sure your current readers will be eager to see in print. Daniel, thanks for sharing a taste of these miracles with us today.

Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Supernatural Wave of God’s Presence ( ASIN: B07T4HJBQD )‘.

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