If Puppies Could Talk (Dogs, Cats & All Other Animals)

| November 15, 2013


If Puppies Could Talk (Dogs, Cats & All Other Animals)

Every time I see a cute expression on a dogs face I wonder what they are thinking. On my daily walks with my own puppy I get the chance to meet with other dog owners and as the dogs play we get to talking…

We all wondered the same thing…..

Now if our puppies could talk, what do you think they would say?

For a laugh we decided that we would try and guess and ended up in fits of laughter, of course non dog owners would probably think we are all mad standing around in a group laughing with tears running down our eyes.

This event gave me the idea of writing this book and with so many cute photos in here you are going to ooooo and ahhhhh through them all. I did write this so that it can be shared with our younger children but when my 15 year old saw what I was working on she wanted to read it and then she showed it to her friends so my guess is although I intended this to be a child’s book it is for everyone who loves dogs and puppies!

If you have a look at the “look inside” you will see a link to the video I have created to go with this book feel free to watch it and leave your comments! Oh and if you like this book I will read your comments and I will be the one doing kart wheels! Of course in my book I also share my Facebook page with you and if you have a funny thing your dog loves to do then pop on over and tell me! Your puppy could be the next star in my next book!


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